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We've seen ultrastrong artificial muscles and a freaky rubbery motor using the technology, but researchers at the University of Cambridge are taking things to another level. They've developed the first such "muscle" (which is actually made out of smooth plastic) that can learn and remember movemen...

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November 14, 2014 at 2:40PM
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Some robots may already look pretty lifelike, but it's still quite a different story when they're actually moving, when all the mechanical parts inside make themselves known with some unmistakable, robot-like movements. Some researchers at New Zealand's Auckland Bioengineering Institute now have on...

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Remember the tiny 5cm robot grasshopper that could leap like a superhero but had trouble landing its, um, landings? Well, it still hasn't figured out those basics, but its Swiss developers are already marching ahead with plans to endow it with a pair of wings and light awareness. Now described as a...

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