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If you're the type to stock your walls with Lord of the Rings-style elvish daggers (or, you know, build full-scale Portal gun replicas), then you'll love this official Mass Effect 3 mockup commissioned by the folks at Bioware. Arduously crafted by self-proclaimed graphic design dork Harrison Krix...

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July 26, 2011 at 4:55PM
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CTA may be best known for its endless array of kid-friendly Wii accessories, but it's not forgetting about the grown-up gamers out there -- or, at least, grown-ups who enjoy shooting plastic guns in their living rooms. Its latest product is the $65 Assault Rifle for the PlayStation 3, which promise...

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If the Disintegrator had you quivering in your combat boots, we'd recommend grabbing a bullet proof vest and having a seat for this one. Apparently, a fellow in California has dressed up a (legal) AR-15 assault rifle in Hello Kitty fashion for his better half, and while it'd be way too easy to pass...

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