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Your car and house may soon be having conversations about your whereabouts, thanks to a new feature from Automatic's car tracker. The $100 dongle (US only) -- which attaches to your car's ODB-II port to track your driving and save fuel -- now works with Nest's thermostat to optimize home heating a...

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January 13, 2015 at 9:16AM
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Automatic brought its driving companion app (which, if you'll recall, pairs with a dongle in your car to deliver real-time driving feedback) to Android earlier this month, but it hasn't left iOS users out in the cold. The team just pulled back the curtain on version 2.0 for roadwarriors who have p...

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We've seen nano-origami and robo-origami, but nothing quite as rapid and simple as this. Researchers at North Carolina State University have figured out how to neatly fold plastic using infrared light and an inkjet printer. Deep black lines are printed onto the plastic sheets, which then absorb t...

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