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Hey, I warned you long ago that music influences everything I do! (If you haven't heard The Llama Song, I highly recommend Googling it!) More than just a nod to one of my favorite songs, the title is a tip off that this week will involve another episode of our favorite I-wish-it-only-happened-...

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September 5, 2011 at 2:00PM
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Roleplaying is a finicky business. If organizing endgame raid groups is like herding cats, organizing coherent roleplaying is like herding cats with even more ego. And no promise of rewards. And with only other players to provide a threat. And you're herding them with a Nerf bat that many of them a...

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Spensi on WoW LJ says she may have accidentally ninja'ed -- it was clear before the raid that if Moroes' Pocket Watch dropped, she would get it. But when it actually dropped, she apparently looted it herself as main looter without saying anything, and her guildies didn't quite remember the deal befo...

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