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Flying robots can already spot some objects by themselves and occasionally improvise, but they'd ideally never need help -- they should find their way around even if they're in unfamiliar territory. The University of Sheffield may be close to fulfilling that dream. Its experimental quadcopters com

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July 6, 2014 at 3:03PM
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Buried within the pile of gadgets at Oregon Scientific's CES booth were these two Time & Wireless Charging Stations. On the left we have the entry-level clock that's already out in the market, whereas the bigger \"plus\" model on the right made its debut at the show, boasting the extra clock proj

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Google's Galaxy Nexus may be a lot of things: the fourth-coming of Android, an HD Super AMOLED showcase and iPhone 4S competitor. But weather forecaster? Alright, so it won't give you hourly atmospheric updates with an air swipe, but the built-in barometer that's got so many of us scratching ou

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