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When those embroiled in the eternal conflict known as Guild Wars 2 log into their favorite online roleplaying game on April 1, they'll notice something a bit odd about their characters - specifically, each inhabitant of the game will now feature a gigantic head. The momentary alteration has no e...

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April 1, 2014 at 5:00PM
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Wondering how to take Batman's already Arkham-sized head and make it into something more Gotham-sized? The Rooster Teeth folks have figured it out, releasing a tell-all video (watch out for the F-bomb!) on Batman: Arkham City's "Big Head Mode," which can apparently be applied using the Cryptogr...

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Speaking with Multiplayer, NBA Jam creative director Trey Smith shared the inspiration behind the digitized faces of the upcoming Wii remake. According to Smith, tne of the key features of the original NBA Jam was the ability to tell who each individual player was from a distance. "You could tell w...

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