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Gaijin Entertainment has released another heart-pounding video from its upcoming World of Planes MMO, and the scene has shifted from the Pacific theater showcased last month to what looks to be the Kuban region of southern Russia. A gaggle of great-looking World War II fighters are on display,...

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September 6, 2011 at 5:00PM
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No, I'm not talking about parenting and honey-do skills. In Wrath of the Lich King, each hunter family will have its own unique skill, just as Warp Stalkers currently have Warp. While we've known this since the release of the Beta patch notes, we now have some of the details, courtesy of Mania of...

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European PC publisher 1C is trying its hand at the current-gen consoles and handhelds, including everything except the Wii in its latest venture, IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. Browsing through 1C's resume, we didn't find anything of note, but the again we're not really in-the-know when it comes to...

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