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Intel's latest NUC is a wee marvel of PC tech, but the design of its case calls to mind, well, every other fanless PC we've ever seen. To its credit, though, the chip giant is sponsoring a case modding competition through enthusiast site Bit-Tech to liven things up. The finalists have definitely t...

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October 7, 2013 at 7:37AM
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You read that right. Bit-tech has it from "several sources close to the hard drive industry" that Western Digital is working on a 20,000RPM followup to its new 10,000RPM VelociRaptor performance champ. Same 2.5-inch format, same 3.5-inch housing only now designed to better cancel out the drive's noi...

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I read an interesting piece on Bit-tech today, in it the author goes to great length to tell the world how well off he is without an HDTV and how he doesn't really need one even for the Xbox 360 that he doesn't have yet. Why buy an HDTV?, there's hardly any programming and the games look just fine ...

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