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IBM's latest announcement probably won't get us any closer to securing our very own in-house version of Watson, but the firm is boasting a new line of Power7 products that includes an upgraded version of the supercomputer's server. First up are the BladeCenter PS703 and PS704, sporting 16 cores and ...

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April 12, 2011 at 10:57PM
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Not that we haven't seen this trick pulled before, but there's still something magical about the forthcoming Aquasar. Said supercomputer, which will feature two IBM BladeCenter servers in each rack, should be completed by 2010 and reach a top speed of ten teraflops. Such a number pales in comparis...

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While not utilizing the unbridled power of the PlayStation 3 (debate amongst yourselves... no one has a time machine yet) directly, IBM and Mayo Clinic have been utilizing the Cell Processor in their medical imaging technology to detect things like cancer in the human body (and probably animals, too...

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