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One of the interesting things about converting a real-time strategy game series into a MMO is how the units of the game are converted to playable classes -- or aren't converted, in some cases. While some heroes or units are folded into the classes like Far Seers into shaman and others make it str...

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June 13, 2012 at 1:00PM
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Aside from having one of the cooler names in the MMO space, Elsword Online also has some pretty interesting characters. The manga-flavored brawler added a new face to that roster in today's update, and the dark and deadly Raven joins Rena, Aisha, and the titular Elsword as playable characters rea...

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I am having a blast playing Hellgate: London, but it took me a while to sort through the different classes and choose one for playthrough. After dabbling with them all, I have settled on the Summoner as my current favorite. Following is a very general breakdown of the different classes to help you c...

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