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Fall must be the season for sea changes in the game industry. Just weeks after BioWare's founders retired, key Epic Games veteran and Design Director Cliff Bleszinski (known to many as just CliffyB) is hanging up his hat. He simply describes it as taking a "much needed break," which makes sense wh...

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October 3, 2012 at 8:47PM
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Gears of War guru Clifford Harrington Openheimer Bleszinski III Esq. has dropped a bomb on us: Project Natal will not be implemented in the next installment of the steroid-infused series. Speaking with Major Nelson, Bleszinski notes that Natal isn't "the kind of thing you tag onto a game" like Gea...

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[Update 2: The Giant Bomb user formerly known as CliffyB has changed his user name based on a request from the Giant Bomb staff. Seems this was a case of mistaken/overtaken internet identity. Joystiq regrets the error.] [Update: It seems there's some doubt as to whether or not this review was actua...

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