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Every week, Raid Rx will help you quarterback your healers to victory! Your host is Matt Low, the grand poohbah of World of Matticus and a founder of Plus Heal, a discussion community for healers of all experience levels and interests. Catch his weekly podcast on healing, raiding and leading, the...

October 14th 2011 at 6:00pm

The tale of a lone Murloc on a thankless crusade to save his people at BlizCon continues...and as sorry as I feel for the poor Murlocs, I still gotta wonder how hot that suit was to wear all day.

April 19th 2006 at 12:15pm

Ok, this isn't exactly new, but it is gold. In this series of videos from, one brave Murloc "stands up against the Blizzard Entertainment corporation at BlizCon to save his people from genocide in the World of Warcraft! Can he succeed in winning over the people's support?&quo...

April 18th 2006 at 1:00pm