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Jonathan Blow has revealed The Witness will be the name of his next game, and there's even a teaser site to go with the announcement. "Teaser site" is a bit generous of a term, it's a website with some prose that reads like a lost page from Braid's between-level books. Clicking on the text will re...

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August 4, 2009 at 11:03AM
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Although a team from Kent State already whipped up a method for turning one's PC on / off with a simple puff of air, two gurus at Georgia Tech have created a full-blown (ahem) breath-controlled user interface. The low-cost, localized blowable UI -- cleverly dubbed BLUI -- apparently utilizes a bui...

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Gamers from the first Nintendo era know all about blowing that NES cartridge. There was something stupidly magical about blowing the cartridge and suddenly it all worked. For those too young, here's a quick breakdown: Before PlayStation and Super Nintendo -- there was the NES, which universally had ...

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