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This is SRI International's Taurus. Brought to you by the minds behind the DaVinci robo-surgeon, the diminutive (14 x 5-inch) bad boy is used to detect and defuse IEDs. Piggy-backing on existing devices such as Talon or PackBot, the device delivers hi-def 3D images and haptic feedback (via gloves) ...

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April 18, 2011 at 4:41PM
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While we've seen quite a few toys pulling stunts that they should definitely be ashamed of, the latest edition ups the ante by doing its dirty deed in a Roman Catholic cathedral. Following the "if it blinks, obliterate it" mentality so well exemplified at various Boston transit arteries, a team of S...

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Brace yourself, but life ain't all fun and games for members of the bomb squad. We know, you're shocked, but in addition to having one of the most dangerous jobs around (like, did you see Blown Away?), these poor sods have to do it cruising around in a 30 kilo (66 pound) suit. Enter the Segway: appa...

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