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Breastfeeding in public tends to bring out some strong opinions: For every person who believes there's nothing raunchy about feeding one's child, there's someone who thinks women should keep it in their blouses unless behind closed doors. And while the debate rages on, Facebook, at least, has take...

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June 13, 2014 at 2:57PM
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Citing feedback from testers and others, WildStar developers will be reducing the breast size for Exile, Cassian, and Aurin characters in an upcoming beta patch. The change to bust sizes will bring the characters into a more reasonable proportion. As of right now, all players will receive the sa...

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Ever since the fall of Lair, Sony has been reluctant to tout the SIXAXIS functionality of the PS3 wireless controller. It's no longer a marketing bullet point, and even if developers offer support for motion control, it's usually turn off as a default. (Most recently, Batman: Arkham Asylum let play...

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