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Work Warning: No cursing or nudity or sex or anything like that. But this is a column about beer and brewing, so that's somewhat an adult theme. When last we left our noble brew, I'd just talked a bit off the top about how I was making Ziebart Stout. Long story made short: I was brewing a rela...

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January 20, 2013 at 6:00PM
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MMO Champion has a tip on a brand new festival that is probably coming to Azeroth (and Outland) in October. It's called Brewfest, and already in the 2.2 PTR patch files, they've found the ability to attack kegs, signal Dark Iron dwarves, race rams, and even eat sausages. Of course we're not sure tha...

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Although a coffee machine that slowly but surely learns your daily preferences in regard to cups of java may sound outlandish, the already-created RFID-enabled refrigerator certainly brings things back into focus. A "provisional patent exploration into coffee machines that learn and react to their u...

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