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DARPA knows that soldiers need more than the latest gadgets to fight effectively -- they need to stay healthy, too. Accordingly, it just launched a Biological Technologies Office (BTO) to study how organics can help national defense. The division is working on projects that will keep troops in top...

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April 1, 2014 at 3:04PM
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Nothing sets an aging geek's pulse to pounding like the marriage of old and new with lots of buttons and a big ol' knob. Korea's BTO knows this, and offers up their PlusDeck EX as followup to their PlusDeck 2. They share the ability to convert your digital MP3s to cassette tape (and visa versa) wh...

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It might look pretty OEM-a-riffic, and Logitec seems pretty branding shy on this thing as well, but all the same we're kind of intrigued by this departure from the usual peripheral fare for Logitec. The new Core 2 Duo LN-14W laptop from Logitec is a BTO number, even down to your choice of six diff...

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