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We've been telling people for years that burn-in just isn't a problem on modern plasmas, but honestly we haven't ever tried to put are money where are mouth is. Gary Merson doesn't mind trying though -- since it's not like he has to pay for the HDTVs he reviews -- and although he found that freeze ...

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December 3, 2009 at 3:08PM
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Image retention, the kids call it "burn-in" on the street, is something every flat-panel has to deal with. HD Guru dug up a case involving not a plasma but, gasp, an LCD. It seems like logos were "burned" into the the right of the screen. The issue is something that rarely pops up -- even more...

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The burn-in issue on plasmas is something that just won't go away. Manufactures have tried hard to prevent it as much as possible but still, it is a side effect of the technology. There is a group of consumers down under (in Australia) that purchased plasmas before the holiday's and left them on for...

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