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BAE Systems, long known for its wargadgets that blind and obfuscate, has recently announced that it is developing an e-ink camouflage system that displays images on the side of a vehicle which reflect the environment -- and which change in real time. This is well-suited for areas such as those fo...

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January 14, 2011 at 10:39AM
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With all the Hunter changes we've been promised in relation to PvP, one that has recently been announced may be the biggest yet. Disengage will be getting a new trick. In a future Beta build, Disengage will cause the Hunter to jump back from their target 10-15 yards. As a result of this buff, howeve...

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Just yesterday, we were reminded to check on one of the best and brightest of all the DS modders, and we weren't disappointed. The latest case mod from Kotomi prepares a DS Phat for the rigors of urban combat, because sometimes you need to keep your gaming on the DL. We'd turn the sound down, thoug...

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