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One of the most iconic "power-ups" in gaming has to be Metal Gear Solid's cardboard box. This new Japanese ad for Kojima's latest, Peace Walker, gives the stealthy item the spotlight. In the commercial, a Japanese schoolboy can be seen stalking a few of his fellow classmates. As he finds the two al...

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May 6, 2010 at 4:45PM
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The first time someone snuck out of a real-life prison by stuffing themselves inside a cardboard box, we found it amusing. The second time, though, we have to wonder how this keeps happening. According to the Telegraph, French inmate Jean-Pierre Treiber constructed a cardboard box in the prisoner's...

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We've all heard that life imitates art -- but we rarely hear of instances of life imitating video games (LARPing events notwithstanding). However, a certain 42-year-old Turkish citizen who recently decided to end his seven-year prison sentence prematurely must have been a sizable Metal Gear Solid ...

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