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jux•ta•pose | verb [trans.] | place or deal with together for contrasting effect : Harmonix's Nickelback Rock Band DLC was juxtaposed with Creedence Clearwater Revival the following week. Head past the break for the complete track pack details....

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July 2, 2010 at 11:30AM
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Let's face facts -- people don't like admitting that they don't know something or need help. They'd rather hammer at the problem until they solve it themselves, or they'd rather ask a trusted friend for help. Kids are super guilty of this, as they'd rather not tell an adult when they can't do some...

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If you're a fan of RF Online, you may be saddened to hear that Codemasters Online will be closing down operations of the sci-fi MMO on November 10th of this year. This closing will affect both North America and Europe. According to the official website, the game's license is set to expire shortly,...

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