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Hydrocarbon fuel cell? 600 degrees Celsius. Large Hadron Collider? -271 degrees. Microwave drill? 2,000. Your run of the mill Core i7 MacBook Pro can't compete with these extreme temperatures, but that doesn't mean it can't get pretty darn warm under pressure. PC Authority recently put the latest e

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April 26, 2010 at 7:42AM
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It's not exactly the most exhaustive of hands-ons, but the video after the break appears to be one of the very first looks at Fujitsu's much-hyped CELSIUS ULTRA gaming PC which, as promised, made its debut at the big KnastLAN event in Germany this weekend. From the sound of things, however, Fujitsu

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What's a northeastern driver to do when wintry roads spell danger for everyday tires, while normal conditions hamper breaking ability for the studded variety? Well, Q's Celsius tires have traction studs that protrude and retract on your command -- practical and 007 slick, like something Q would inst

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