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OK, how weird is the whole "Christmas in July" thing, anyway? Are people jonesing for sleigh bells and mistletoe so badly they can't wait for a few months? Who thought it would be a smashing idea to make us think of the cold, dark days of winter in the middle of 90-degree weather? So if we're ...

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July 21, 2011 at 8:00AM
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It's Christmas in July here at Massively, and we want to hook you up with a free gift -- in this case, a closed beta key for the upcoming Heroes of Three Kingdoms. Perfect World Entertainment's latest MMO entry looks to set itself apart from the pack with a historical setting, the ability to contro...

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Here in the UK, the concept of Christmas in July is almost unheard of. Indeed I've only heard about it because, as a journalist, the Christmas in July events are where all the big consumer companies and department stores unveil their Christmas must-have toys and gifts. The whole thing seems much mor...

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