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Wacom has a habit of trotting out non-touch versions of its stylus-friendly tech first. The Cintiq 13HD arrived back in 2013, and one of my main gripes with the device was its lack of support for your fingertips. Well, the company finally announced the touch-enabled version today, nearly two years...

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March 2, 2015 at 8:00AM
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When Wacom teased a tablet-sized device a few months back, our curiosity was immediately piqued. However, the next reveal from the pen-wielding-peripheral company was actually the Cintiq 13HD -- a product more in line with the outfit's existing displays. We guess we'll just have to keep waiting pa...

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Here's the thing with Wacom's latest Cintiqs: the bigger the display, the more straightforward the buying decision tends to be. The Cintiq 22HD and 24HD dominate at the professional high-end, but, as you get smaller and cheaper, more options come into play -- whether they're non-display tablets li...

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