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From talking with Richard Bartle, reading his blog, and looking over several interviews that he's done, I've concluded that the co-creator of the first multi-user dungeon is, in many ways, a card. A smart one, a perceptive one, and an outspoken one, but a card nonetheless. I say this in a good wa...

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April 12, 2011 at 1:30PM
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Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (PC) Please, make the addiction stop! Civilization IV: Warlords, the first expansion for Civ IV, made my "Best of the Rest" last year and Beyond the Sword tops this year's list. The funny thing is I'm not a Civ fanboy, nor am I even that great of a player (Full ...

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The Warlords expansion pack for Civilization IV hits store shelves this week, and Civilization resource site Apolyton has uploaded some exclusive preview videos from their ApolyCon '06 conference. Firaxis designer Jon Schafer gives attendees a walkthrough of the new features in three downloadable se...

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