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So, you've done the deed. You've purchased an HP TouchPad, despite having no intentions whatsoever to do so just a week ago. But hey -- a $400 discount can change perceptions. Now that you've got one (or have one en route), we're curious to know what you plan on doing with it. We've heard such fa...

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August 21, 2011 at 6:35PM
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A perfect storm of the slow economy and seasonal affect of new televisions coming in while old models still sit unsold is making right now the time to buy, according to the L.A. Times. It's the answer to the question many of us are constantly asked "when can I get the best deal?" and there's plent...

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Missed out on those fire sales held right after HD DVD's funeral, did you? Fret not, as Blockbuster is looking to make the most of your HD DVD player purchase. As of now, the rental outfit is selling over 300 HD DVD titles at just $7.99 each, which gives you a perfect excuse to blow that Christmas c...

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