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Stop us if this sounds familiar: after successfully launching and new a video game service, a growing cloud computing firm looks to the business sector to expand its customer base. Oh, you've heard this one? That's because OnLive is retracing its steps, following up its CloudLift gaming service (an...

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June 12, 2014 at 10:20PM
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Gaijin Entertainment has just announced that War Thunder, its WWII combat sim, will join games like Saints Row IV and Batman: Arkham City on OnLive's new subscription service, CloudLift. While the game itself will remain free-to-play, those who make use of CloudLift's services will be able to play ...

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OnLive launched CloudLift last month, a service that lets users stream its selection of games from capable machines to devices that wouldn't normally be able to play them - think tablets and underpowered computers. CloudLift used to cost $14.99 a month, but that subscription fee has been slashed t...

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