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Amazon is set to open distribution centers at two large US colleges and offer students next-day delivery of textbooks and other items through co-branded websites. The universities of Massachusetts Amherst and Purdue say that the deal means students will save nearly $400 annually on textbooks. Amaz...

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February 2, 2015 at 7:07AM
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Richard Bartle -- the man who co-invented MUDs at the University of Essex in 1978 -- described the poor state of game-related academic study and education when speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival a few days ago. Bartle made a distinction between games-focused training (the acquisition of ...

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It's the rare college student who will turn down free anything -- free food, free booze, and free love are all top priorities for the modern scholar -- so we were more than a little surprised to learn that those online music subscriptions being offered gratis by a number of colleges haven't really t...

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