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The trinity of MMO roles is pretty well understood by a lot of players. The tanks hold enemy attention, the healers keep the tanks alive, and the DPS kills the enemies before the healers get overwhelmed. It's a functional system, one that's been used for years. It's also one that many people have...

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October 30, 2012 at 8:00AM
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While often seen as a symbiotic pairing against the greatest threats the video game world has ever known, tanks and healers have nevertheless fostered a rivalry of sorts. Both see their role in a group as being paramount to success, but which is more vital? Which takes more skill? Which is under-...

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In today's MMO Report, Casey Schreiner takes his viewers to Bellevue, Washington for a trip to ArenaNet's offices to preview Guild Wars 2. Casey talks to two members of ANet's team: Game Designer Jeff Grubb and Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson. Jeff spends most of his time filling Case...

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