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Netflix and Verizon have been playing the blame game for months, and despite an April agreement to alleviate the situation customers are still seeing low-res streams and buffering screens (the FCC says it's investigating). Today, Verizon published its own blog post to "dispel the Congestion Myth" ...

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July 10, 2014 at 10:25PM
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Madrid has an air quality problem, and it's taking an unusual approach to getting the offending vehicles off the road: it's discouraging their drivers from parking. As of today, the city's smart parking meters charge up to 20 percent extra if you drive a car that's likely to either be a fuel hog o...

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Many commuters know the agony of mass transit at rush hour; it's no fun to skip packed buses and subway cars when you're already desperate to get home. Urban Engines clearly shares in that pain as well, as it's rolling out an internet service that uses commuting patterns to spot choke points in pu...

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