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If there was one thing we learned from ABC's Selfie (beyond the fact that America doesn't particularly dig Anglo-Asian rom-coms), it's that people can too easily get wrapped up in the validation and endorphin rush that come with getting social media kudos. That simple truth makes FlapIt's eponymou...

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January 9, 2015 at 5:43PM
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Last week, Ignited Games announced the upcoming 2-D side-scroller WindSlayer 2. This week, the title is back for more with a new developer diary that looks at the game's melee classes. Those who prefer to go wading into battle on the front lines will have three choices: the valiant Warrior, the...

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Yogesh Gianchandani, a researcher at the University of Michigan, has developed a tiny wireless Geiger counter that can be used in a network to cover large areas like stadiums or malls and distinguish between harmful and non harmful sources of radiation. And since they're so small (about the size of ...

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