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Her Majesty's High Court of Justice has served as the stage for several high-profile cases in recent years that've resulted in UK ISPs being forced to block certain nefarious websites. Typically, these have involved entertainment giants that want to make it harder for illegal file-sharing sites li

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October 17, 2014 at 2:20PM
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Counterfeit batteries and chargers are a legitimate problem for electronics manufacturers -- faulty components tend to go up in (literal) smoke, and have even caused deaths -- so we can totally see why Kodak has decided to join Nokia and NEC in decided to employing an anti-counterfeiting system in i

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If you thought that IP piracy was all fun and games (and cheap movies and software), think again, because the war on counterfeiting just got a lot more dangerous, with Malaysian \"syndicate bosses\" today announcing a reward for the heads of two real-life McGruff's. You probably remember black labs Lu

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