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Sony gave up on ATRAC (outside of Japan anyway) and to being an iPod accessory shill long, long ago. But Panasonic, through its own inertia or arrogance has persevered with its D-SNAP and D-DOCK rigs long after its market share was doomed. After all, there's no need for Panasonic to continue pushi...

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April 2, 2009 at 11:44AM
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Not that CDs are beginning to show their age or anything, but Panasonic knows that we'd still prefer to keep our tunes on one big hard drive rather than fish through dozens of plastic enclosures. That said, the firm's 160GB SX850 and 80GB SX450 enable users to rip tracks from the built-in optical ...

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Panasonic doesn't seem to think the world can ever have too many D-Snap DAPs or D-Docks to hold them with. Their new D-Snap Audio SV-SD800N and SV-SD400 hold to this theory quite nicely, featuring few surprises and a mere 128MB of bundled SD memory apiece. The most notable feature here is the noi...

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