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We wouldn't go so far as to say that the apprentice has become the teacher, but over three years after modder extraordinaire Benjamin Heckendorn crafted his very own portable Nintendo 64, along comes one of his dedicated followers with another take on things. The Darth 64 is easily one of the most...

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September 17, 2008 at 8:56AM
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We hoped it was a joke, but trailers don't lie, do they? Sure, the best part of that one Star Wars was when Yoda flipped out and killed people. (Actually, it was probably the best part of all three.) But a Yoda-and-Darth cross-over to Soul Calibur IV? We're not sure if we should feel bad for Star Wa...

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Lots of wacky stuff finds it way into our Flickr pool. This just made me chuckle, and so I had to share (negative commenters be darned!). The caption is what really does it: Yoda: light and small these iPods i thought were Darth: well that's what the guy in the shop told me! Yoda: believed him you ...

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