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On the list of dangerous humanoid bots DARwIn is easily topped by the bow-happy iCub. Still -- we don't trust this thing one iota. While we haven't seen it pick up any weaponry just yet, our friends to the north are teaching it one of man's most notoriously violent sports: hockey. Researchers at th...

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February 14, 2012 at 2:22AM
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Some robots like to help around the house, others fulfill your Pixar fantasies, but this one's just training to boogie. Part of a summer long research project, DARwin-OP is taking a master class in Dance Dance Revolution from its amateur roboticist Geppetto. Perched atop a homestyle-DDR pad, the ...

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A few weeks back we caught our first glimpse of the open source, modular DARwIn-OP developed at Virginia Tech's Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory, also known as RoMeLa. Well, there's more information available now about the upcoming little bot, so here's what we know. Korean company Robotis is ma...

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