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It's sort of a Yuji Naka day on the Wii and DSi shops today, with Naka's old game series (Sonic the Hedgehog) receiving a new entry WiiWare, and his latest series (Ivy the Kiwi?) marching onto DSiWare. Also on DSiWare this week: games about protecting the world as a superhero, and protecting info...

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October 11, 2010 at 10:03AM
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With Hunter pet information recently added to the armory, Data Miner Zardoz has wasted no time getting his hands on the raw Hunter pet data and breaking it down. The data is only for level 80 Hunters, and only 10,000 of those at that, but it still gives a very interesting snapshot of what's going wi...

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SOE deployed Update 60 on The Matrix Online's servers this week. The update doesn't just fix bugs. It also marks the beginning of Episode 10.2 of the story, introduces some new enemies in Datamine, and adds a reward for players who complete live critical missions. If you're looking to earn the new ...

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