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The EFF may be handing out gold stars to firms that publish their own transparency reports, but earning that recognition isn't easy. Government data requests are often coupled with gag orders, barring firms from telling users that security agencies are thumbing through their data. Now Google, Yaho...

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May 23, 2014 at 11:55PM
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Apple insists that the US government doesn't have backdoor access to its data (despite signs to the contrary). So what happens when law enforcement comes knocking at the company's door, then? We have a fairly good idea as of this week. The company has published guidelines showing just what data it...

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Numerous tech giants have been eager to publish what they can about government data requests, but telecoms haven't been so forthcoming. Verizon is breaking some ground, though, with plans to publish semi-annual transparency reports starting in early 2014. While the reports will mostly reflect info...

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