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As the editor-in-chief of Massively, I make it a point to read as many of our comments as I can. We have some really smart people here chatting at the bottom of our posts, and I learn a lot from them. But I also see the same illogical statements and easily countered arguments being made independent...

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May 16, 2014 at 12:00PM
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Some of you are probably well aware that I used to write this site's column about City of Heroes. And you may also be aware that I'm talking about that column in the past tense because it's objectively impossible to write anything about City of Heroes in the present tense. NCsoft closed the doors...

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With the sudden and unexpected shutdown of Dominus prior to its launch, the game joins a long line of titles canceled before ever seeing the light of day. Some of them were expansions or campaigns, like Guild Wars: Utopia; some were full games, like the various Ultima Online sequels planned over ...

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