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Like it or not, another US election is almost upon us -- and this time around, the incessant political advertising may cut a little too close to home. Both Democrats and Republicans are using a new TV ad targeting system from DirecTV and Dish that takes advantage of voter records to put personaliz...

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August 25, 2014 at 1:48PM
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Even though this week's Democratic debate was unfortunately-SD on ABC, we can expect more reasons to pay attention to the potential candidates in the days to come. CNN's Election Express has already deployed an HD news truck to cover the campaign trail, but CBS is close behind. The Eye plans to hit ...

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In the only politically responsible move when your party is the focus of national media attention because of a ridiculous budget proposal, Michigan state Democrats have denied that they ever planned to suggest funding an iPod for every student, and also pledged to repay Apple for that controversia...

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