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I have, on occasion, joked that all of my roleplaying characters are either looking for a tragedy or recovering from one. It's not an intentional thing, but for whatever reason, an awful lot of my characters tend to have a whole lot of pain and sorrow wrapped up in their heads. My attempts at mak...

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March 16, 2012 at 7:00PM
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Yeah, you read that right, virtual world fans. One of the more celebrated sandbox MMORPG developers is apparently throwing in the towel when it comes to immersion. Raph Koster wrote what can only be termed a lament on his personal blog today, saying that "immersion does not make a lot of sense in...

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It's taken months of farming in City of Heroes, carefully storing up Alignment Merits and Merit Rewards and Mission Architect Tickets and that all-important Influence. You've had to get into annoying price wars on the auction house, you've had to use up a couple of Veteran respecs, but you've final...

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