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The last time we saw T-rays, they were busy scanning bodies for tumors and security threats. Six researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology are now aiming the terahertz-level frequencies at a less organic target: fast wireless. Running at 542GHz, a rate that makes 60GHz ultra wideband look...

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May 16, 2012 at 10:12AM
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Given that Sharp will obviously be needing a few high-power laser diodes to go into its forthcoming 8x Blu-ray burners, it's good to see Mitsubishi Chemical hopping in the fabrication game in order to lower costs and keep consumers smiling. A new report asserts that the previously mentioned company ...

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Not to get all scientific on you or anything, but a team of Imperial physicists have just figured out a way to use plastics in laser diodes. For the uninitiated, scientists have been unable to make plastic semiconductor laser diodes because they had not yet found / developed "any plastics that cou...

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