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Hard to believe this is Seagate's first consumer NAS offering (keyword being "consumer"), but sure enough, the FreeAgent DockStar is the company's first major effort to get its own line of FreeAgent Go hard drives onto your network. Without getting into too much detail, this simple dock is essentia...

September 16th 2009 at 8:00am 0 Comments
Post Thumbnail users who are all about information overload rejoice: DockStar has been updated to alert you about even more unread content in Mail. That's right, the little utility that transforms your Dock, Dashboard, and Menubar into a command center for all things related now actually handles...

December 28th 2007 at 6:00pm 0 Comments
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We've mentioned Dockstar ($8) several times as a way to add extra badges to your Dock icon for indicating unread message counts for mailboxes other than the inbox. Now Mail Badger appears on the scene to offer similar functionality in a nice piece of donationware. Mail Badger is a

June 3rd 2007 at 5:00pm 0 Comments
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We posted about DockStar last December, but for those who might not remember: it's a simple little app that offers extra badges on the dock icon to display unread counts of other mailboxes and folders. This seemingly minimal point update actually packs quite the new feature wallop, includin...

January 24th 2006 at 8:00pm 0 Comments
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We all love the little red badge on that tells you how popular you are (ok, it actually tells you how many unread emails you have, but that's the same thing, right?). However, if you have more than one account in Mail the icon is almost useless to you.Enter DockStar, this clever little pro...

December 6th 2005 at 8:30am 0 Comments