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Apparent Corporations Doxie scanner has been a hit since it arrived a few years back. It's small, lightweight, and pretty well perfect for mobile use. So when I heard that the company had come out with a new scanner called Doxie Go ($199) that allegedly removes the need to have a computer aro...

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December 22, 2011 at 9:00PM
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The dictionary defines "doxy" as a lover or mistress, so it's not surprising that the new Doxie portable scanner from Apparent has pink hearts as a defining graphic feature. The hearts are in the dock when you have the Doxie software running, there's a pink heart over the "i" in Doxie, there's a st...

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With all these newfangled fingerprint / retina scanners in the news lately, it's easy to forget about the plain ole document-reading variety, but Kodak is bringing it all back into focus by unveiling its "fastest production scanner ever," the i1860. The mammoth-sized device captures images at up t...

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