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Marking a change from the calendars, posters and other Nintendoodads, the 2014 Club Nintendo elite rewards for North America are all downloadable games. While that'll disappoint some of you, as a European I have to note on our side of the ocean it's all physical - and personally, not the most appea...

July 17th 2014 at 9:15am
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Gaming's favorite ape returns to the PAL Virtual Console to cause havoc for arch-enemy Mario Stanley, but don't get too excited: despite being an early Miyamoto game, the 22-year-old Donkey Kong 3 has not aged gracefully. It's also a bit of an oddity in the series, in that it plays more like a shoot...

January 9th 2009 at 11:49am
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Cocoto Platform Jumper is one of the most no-nonsense game titles we've seen outside of the Simple series. It's also a 2004 3D platformer released in PAL regions on the GameCube, PS2, and GBA, starring the gross little red creature. While a few new Cocoto games have been released on the Wii, develop...

December 12th 2008 at 10:55am
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Nintendo of Japan is following the example of the American Virtual Console this week in two ways: by not releasing that many games, and by making one of them Donkey Kong 3. If you've never played Donkey Kong 3, it's certainly worth a look, because it's pretty bizarre. The concept also seems a bit ba...

July 22nd 2008 at 10:15am
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This week we got ourselves a pair of Virtual Console games to check out. What do we think? Well, you know the drill. Watch the video above, then be sure to head past the break for the rest.

July 14th 2008 at 6:00pm

Things may (or may not) include beehives, shurikens, mysterious yellow substances and utterly uncomfortable stares. This week's Virtual Console additions, while being pleasant diversions, seem largely intent on teaching you how to disperse dangerous items and substances, often to the detriment of th...

July 14th 2008 at 2:30pm
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Another week, another slew of Virtual goodies on offer from Nintendo. This week, the streak of one Virtual Console release is broken, as we get 100% more in that department. Also, Mastiff's WiiWare title is finally up for grabs. If you've got some spare coin laying around, then these might be for y...

July 14th 2008 at 8:45am