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Tweet [Update: Made a clarification that there is no indication of "open-world" PvMP in the expansion.] Times are tough in Middle-earth, even after the inexplicable appearance of several hundred thousand new adventurers this fall. The Fellowship of the Ring is broken, Sauron is rising in power,...

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November 19, 2010 at 5:00AM
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The Lord of the Rings Online site has been updated with a new area, the Dourhand dwelling of Sarnúr. After the Dourhands were driven from Thorin's Hall by the Longbeards, they came across the ruins of one of their ancestor's cities, gave it a new name and settled in there. Here they dwell, pr...

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A new Lord of the Rings Online lorebook entry has been posted to the game's website, with the focus being the Vale of Thrain. The Vale of Thrain is found in Ered Luin, south of Thorin's Gate, and is a low level area that is situated near both the Elf and Dwarf starting locations. Two quest hubs ca...

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