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Chances are you've probably heard of the rice method for drying out water-logged gadgets -- and possibly been in the unfortunate position of having to try it -- but it looks like folks in Japan now have a considerably more high-tech option at their disposal: the Dryer Box. That's reportedly already...

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August 12, 2010 at 2:55AM
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We've all had an "oh poopie" moment involving liquids: Time slows down, you watch as the glass tips over, its contents cascading (beautifully, in another context perhaps) over the rim and onto the table. The rivulets of beverage roll in a miniscule tidal wave across the surface, over the edge, and d...

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Gore-Tex is fine and dandy, but the real argonauts out there know it still buckles under the most extreme conditions. Now, however, adventurists that happen upon a ridiculous amount of water could soon ford rivers (à la Oregon Trail, of course) without worrying about soggy socks. The technolo...

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