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Ever since hearing the news that NetDragon was working on an MMO adaptation of the robotastic Transformers franchise, fans have wondered what it would entail and where it would be launched. While we don't have any more info on the former, Hasbro recently announced that the game would be hitting mul...

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November 11, 2010 at 11:00AM
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A year and a half ago, EA Games announced plans to make single-player game Dungeon Keeper into an MMO. After the initial announcement -- which was met with no small amount of skepticism -- things were pretty quiet on that front for a long time. EA recently confirmed that plans for the Dungeon Kee...

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"So I've got a great idea!" says executive Bob at Electronic Arts, "Lets license out the Dungeon Keeper property for an MMORPG!" John, who happens to be a puppet on Bob's hand, says, "That's a brilliant idea, old chap!" The apparently British imaginary friend makes an awkward smile. Bob continues,...

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