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Shuttle's back with another mini HTPC, the H7 4500H, only this time you can swap out that DVB-T tuner with a DVB-S for satellite TV. The cost of going for the latter means you have to settle onboard graphics only, but either way you're still getting DVR capabilities and Windows Media Center. Max co...

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March 31, 2009 at 4:23AM
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Considering that the rest of the globe seems to be chiming in with its own tidbits of HD news, we're not surprised to see New Zealand getting in on the fun, too. Apparently, a pair of new Topfield HD devices are on sale now for folks residing in the aforementioned nation, the first of which is the...

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Hauppauge has busted out a new TV tuner in PCI card form for those who prefer to keep such things out of sight, this one packing three separate tuners to meet your compulsive viewing needs -- although just how many of those you'll be able to take advantage of will depend on where you live. Running a...

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