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We've known major flat-panel manufacturers to loose the farm every now and again, but this time its BenQ's turn to unleash so many LCDs we can hardly speak of them all in this space. The 17-inch E700 / E700A / E700N and 19-inch E900 / E900A / E900N all boast standard 4:3 panels, 800:1 contrast rat...

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August 9, 2007 at 4:11PM
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The "classic" Samsung SGH-E700 (T-Mobile subscribers will remember it as the SGH-E715) really doesn't bring the fond memories flooding over us the same way, say, a StarTAC might. That's not a knock on the Samsung -- far from it, in fact -- but let's be honest, 2007 might be a bit soon to be drawin...

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