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Main Entry: purple [pur-puhl] Part of Speech: noun, adjective Definition: blue and red colors mixed together Synonyms: amaranthine, amethyst, blue-violet, bluish red, color, heliotrope, lavender, lilac, magenta, mauve, mulberry, orchid, periwinkle, perse, plum, pomegranate, reddish blue, violac...

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April 11, 2013 at 7:07PM
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"This is my farm. It's not so great yet," Referee Ruby says wistfully. "Someday..." In the first of this exclusive video series, Free Realms' infamous in-game support character comes alive to show us the joys of the farming system. If you've ever liked FarmVille -- or even hoped there would b...

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After visiting friends and relatives this Thanksgiving, I was left with something special inside. Was it fond memories? Was it a deeper connection with those who I love? Was it several containers of leftovers? Sure, I received a fair share of those, but the most significant thing I received t...

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